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HK retaining its autonomy—like it's had since 1999 when it returned to Chinese control—would not in any way lead to a return to working farm fields for ordinary mainlanders.

Chinese population - not HK - remembers what it was to live with the outhouses. HK remembers when it (HK) mattered because Chinese population lived with the outhouses.

And how does that in any way imply that Hong Kong retaining its autonomy would force the Chinese people back to the outhouses?

Or is it just a matter of "we suffered, so they have to suffer"?

It is different priorities.

Chinese population (by an overwhelming majority) views HK protesters as rich ungrateful bitches throwing a tempter tantrum.

HK population views mainland Chinese as the unwashed masses that are trying to take away what HK population thinks is rightfully theirs.

The numbers are not on the side of HK. The West is ought to understand that there's HK protesters do not have a winning hand, even with the support from the West.

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