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yes and no

as far as i know, to set up a periodic sepa transfer - at least here in SVK(EU), you need to do it in person (although more and more banks are starting to allow this through their web/phone app)

eg. issuing a sepa for my monthly ISP subscription, i put into the system that 1)from this account 2)this amount of money 3)to this exact account 4)with these aditional details/comments/etc...

and if it fails for whatever reason - in my case mostly because once in a while, the amount that should be withdrawn for that month is more than the pre-set money

- the payment gets witheld at my bank / simply fails;

- the other side contacts me via phone/mail/... that there was a failure (which i can check on my bank account, so "kinda-phishing-safe");

the other side is still able to withdraw only that specific amount once in a period (most likely a month), and if anything is amiss, the payment simply fails

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