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Is it not "if you take AGPL code and run it on your server and make it available to other people, you need to give them the code to whatever you're running"?

It's the "whatever you're running" that gets complicated if you're using the AGPL code in conjunction with a bunch of other code to deliver some service to customers. What are the rules around how that other code is allowed to interact with the AGPL code before it has to be made available as well?

Ok, two slightly different already, in addition to a number of people who have no idea at all.

I think this proved what I said.

(That said there was a thread on the n8n project where a couple of persons had serious problems understanding the basics of open source, its relation to free software, why commons clause isn't open source etc etc so guess we will have to explain what is and isn't "open source" for the foreseeable future :-/

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