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the translation doesn’t seem correct to me. it would be more along the lines “if lenin is alive then everyone is alive”

I don't speak Russian, but assuming GP does: Maybe it's a pun? Both meanings convey propaganda about him.

>Maybe it's a pun?

In the years when it was produced the pun here would have resulted in "10 years in GULAG without right for communication with outside world". Not even speaking about intentional pun, to get how fearful people felt about making just accidental mistake - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirror_(1975_film) for example has a scene showing it pretty well.

I'm surprised by GP's translation and insistence. The translation is just simply incorrect language-wise. Just ask any Russian. While so totally incorrect the translation though has very deep Zen like qualities to it which would sound pretty profound in some other contexts and about some other persons. USSR and Lenin is just very far from Zen :).

your phonetic russian quote is not the same as what’s written on the poster.

sorry you're wrong. The poster has "Lenin i teper zhivee vseh zhivyh". I skipped the "i teper" which isnt really necessary there - it translates as "today, these days, present time, this moment, ..."

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