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Did anyone bother to ask Ken’s permission first before publishing his password on the public internet? Based on his reaction he clearly didn’t mind, but still!

The /etc/passwd file from which this password was unearthed has a date of Jan 5 1980 (from a 3BSD tar file). Presumably ken has updated his password since then.

One would hope, but it still seems like common courtesy to give him a heads up.

ken replied to the thread about this on TUHS 4-5 days prior to the actual crack. But you are right. No one actually said "hey ken, better change your password if you haven't because I am going to crack the password you used in 1980".

In my opinion this was a pretty crappy thing to do. Password could contain personal and potentially embarrassing information, even if that wasn't the case here.

Revealing people's internet pawn habits shouldn't be done lightly ... /dadjoke

Now I know his chess move.

This was a crappy thing to do even though the reason it is crappy wasn't the case here?

Pike was piqued, too.

Here's his message. Says he knew it already by sitting near Ken.


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