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> I'm not so sure it's okay

I'm not sure its okay for China to be maiming and killing protestors while trying to subjugate a city under tyranny,

The reality is that there are not okay things out there, and people often feel helpless against them, and will do things others will feel is not okay to try to get their message across when they feel the okay way isn't working.

And as a global people we should support those that feel, out of desperation, they need to destroy their careers or risk their own safety to try to help others. Its the inverse side of the coin school shooters and terrorism occur on - both are driven to extreme action, but one is sacrificing oneself to try to help others while the other seeks only to destroy for selfish egotism. Both are indicative of systemic issues that need addressed.

There hasn’t been a single death in Hong Kong.

The same can’t be said about the current protests in Iraq, Sudan, Indonesia, and Kashmir.

>There hasn’t been a single death in Hong Kong.

What about many people who got "disappeared" during the protests? We have no way of knowing how many of them are dead, and I bet at least a few of them might be, with the rest just being tortured and imprisoned per usual.

Such a bad argument: "Well X did it first so we're fine"

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