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Ask HN: Are there any good React UI Wysiwig builder tools?
3 points by kpennell 12 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment
I feel like hand-coding things from scratch (even while using a framework like material-ui or ant) is really not that efficient. I find it super hard to make my prototypes look 100% professional/sleek. It feels like there must be a drag and drop like tool where I can design a bunch of screens, export the components, and then go in and setup functions, state, props, data, context/redux, etc. Am I wrong in this hope? It seems like a design tool like Canva made it so easy for non-designers to make nice ads/postcards. Is there not something similar for the web/mobile app making world? So I've looked into Figma to React (seems extremely experimental), pagedraw.io (shuttered and open sourced earlier this year), and React Studio (seems like more of a UX tool). My googling and searching past reddit threads isn't yielding anything. Searching youtube tutorials hasn't either. Is there a good tool or workflow to achieve what I mentioned above? How does one go from attractive figma/sketch mockups to a series of 'smart' and stateful react components?

something like https://webflow.com/ ?

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