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US pushes to fund western rivals to Huawei (ft.com)
7 points by hash872 9 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

I'd love to hear from folks experienced in the telecom/networking sector. From what I gathered as a total outsider:

Telco equipment is not always profitable for big companies, but China initiated a big state-sponsored push to dominate the industry decades ago, plus their state banks give out excessively easy loans to bring in large customers

Altiostar somehow does something with virtualizing telco equipment, which allows purchasers to pick & choose which pieces integrate together to form a whole system. Huawei (and presumably Ericcson & Nokia) offer a whole system off-the-shelf

Economic models drawn up decades ago by University of Chicago-types that say that developed countries should outsource manufacturing and focus on our comparative advantage are dangerously naive about national security/geopolitical considerations

One senior government official said: “We gave up our superiority in making telecoms equipment decades ago, and now we are realising that this might not have been the best choice for national security reasons. Almost every department and agency is desperately looking right now for ways to get back into this game.” Ouch

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