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some things are knowable beforehand.

China's using economic leverage to bully companies into toeing their propaganda line -- particularly in light of the nba incident -- should have every public companies entangled in China figuring out their strategy for when someone speaks this way.

What we need is an economic partnership that can stand up to China, like a union of companies that can actually deter China from throwing its weight around. This partnership should be more than just the United States too. It should span across the entire Pacific region, including Japan, Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and others. Maybe we could call it a "Cross-Pacific-Partnership". This is a totally new idea that I'm having in response to recent events and nobody could have foreseen the need for this.

Can you prove that you knew it beforehand?

The NBA literally just went through this 3 days prior. South Park literally released an episode satirizing this exact scenario 2 days prior.

It's definitely prior knowledge. They either didn't care or are grossly incompetent.

What I think is interesting is that none of this happened during US business hours. Someone in their China office or whatever made the decision, and when everyone in LA woke up, they found a shitstorm.

The trouble that Blizzard has is walking back this decision could put their employees in China in danger.

Good point :)

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