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Show HN: Webassembly.sh – WebAssembly WASI Terminal on your Browser (webassembly.sh)
8 points by syrusakbary 12 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

Hi HN!

I’m Syrus, from Wasmer. We’ve been working non-stop to make WebAssembly WASI modules usable in the Browser, and I’m super excited to share today the progress.

You can learn more of how the WebAssembly shell works here: https://medium.com/wasmer/webassembly-sh-408b010c14db

Looking forward hearing your feedback!

I have been diving into webassembly, via rust. This really enhances the tooling.

What would be a good place to learn more? I have been looking for good production examples of webassembly. Apologies for the out of bound question!

This is awesome :).

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