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If anyone is curious, the equivalent in modern notation is “1. d4!”. Moving the pawn in front of the queen forward by two spaces. The exclamation point indicates that the annotater believes it to be a particularly strong move (describing a standard move from opening theory that way is a bit tongue-in-cheek).

Yes. The smugness in the exclamation mark is quite funny in a way that keeps me grinning for way too long. It's a bit like a three-year-old declaring "I've got shoes on!"

Yes, "1. d4!" and "1. e4!" are a sort of a Grandmaster joke in chess, showing their strong preference for one the classic competing openings.

What does the p/ part mean? My chess experiences is all after the popularity of descriptive notation...


p : pawn

/ : at

q2 : queen's file, rank 2

- : moves to

q4 : queen's file, rank 4

! : good move!

Oh hmm, I didn't realize the notation was so unnecessarily verbose :) Of course it's a pawn moving from q2 to q2, that's the only thing there at the beginning of the game!

Actually in descriptive notation the move would have been:

Ken padded this out to 8 characters.

That makes way more sense!


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