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[flagged] On the Far Right Past of Ingvar Kamprad, Founder of IKEA (lithub.com)
13 points by martey 5 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

People are allowed to have a past, I don't see that it's that relevant to IKEA today.

Indeed. Let’s talk about modern IKEA and it’s modern tax avoidance methods: https://medium.com/@jurgeng/ikeas-tax-scheme-a-corporate-str... and an extremely poor quality of their products. They are made from paper and breaks already during assembly.

"Extremely poor quality". If that was remotely true why would they be successful? Millions of people are just dumb and just enjoy having shitty furniture and go back for more? Have you been to a real IKEA beyond the imagination of your anti-corporate dream?

Any past transgressions or wrongthink will be weaponized against you or your legacy, and that past will never be forgotten or forgiven.

Welcome to the new era of outrage based cultural purges.

What does “allowed to have a past” mean?

What a person does today can have long-lasting ramifications.

If you decided to chop off your own hand, for some misguided reason, ain’t nobody ever growing you that hand back. The permission to “have a past” is not absolute.

People are not born perfect. People do stupid stuff and post it on instagram when they're young, but people continue to grow and learn throughout their lives. What I'm saying is that I don't see any benefit to dragging up someone from the past's beliefs and putting them into an article next to the IKEA name, except to create a clickbaity article that serves someone else's interests in an obscure way.

A far more interesting book on the subject of the way Sweden-the-country and many Swedes handled in the years before and during the second world war is Aron Flam's Det här är en Svensk Tiger! which is the written-down version of his netcast essay series under the same name [2]. In it the author lays out the way the Swedish social democratic party together with the farmer's union (Bondeförbundet, the predecessor to the current 'Centerpartiet') set the country on a course of racial purification which ended up being a source of inspiration to the German national socialist party. The country denied the Norwegian royal family passage when they tried to flee the invading Germans while allowing those same Germans to use the Swedish railway network to transport troops to Norway. How Swedish iron but also Swedish technology in the form of SKF ball bearings were instrumental in building the German invasion forces. The allies tried to buy up the whole supply of SKF bearings to keep them out of the hands of Germany but SKF found a way around that as well through a German subsidiary.

Sweden has never really made up with this part of its past like Germany has. It is very likely that this hidden past is one of the driving factors behind the way the country tries to portray itself as a 'humanitarian superpower' with a self-assigned responsibility to spread its particular brand of morality to those considered to be in need and an often reckless obliviousness in the way these policies do harm both at home and abroad.

The book is thus far only available in Swedish, as is the netcast series. It will be translated eventually for those who do not read Swedish but since many of the subjects it touches were already known outside of Sweden it is less of an eye-opener outside of the country.

[1] https://www.aronflam.com/merchandise/det-hr-r-en-svensk-tige...

[2] https://soundcloud.com/aronflam/ (search for 'svensk tiger')

While we could have another attitude towards it, most Swedes are well aware of the contributions to the German war effort through industry and trade.

Does anyone get a black screen when they first load the page and content appears after scrolling one pixel down?

Okay? Interesting history, but this is like saying wearing Hugo Boss clothing is akin to operating a not-for-profit gas chamber.

Politics ??

so that's why Ikea are being so blue-and-yellow all the time. Rather interesting origin story considering their very swedish branding. All the other Nazi-complicit companies at least bothered to hide this aspect. No german imaging from Hugo Boss (named after the founder, a Nazi). Ikea hid in plain sight by going all in on the nationalism.

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