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There are now affordable devices available to monitor air quality at home. I've recently bought one [1] that measures PM2.5, CO2 and tVOC amongst other things. It's quite interesting to see spikes in particulate matter after crop harvesting or in certain weather conditions and determine if there's an apparent relation to difficulty of breathing.

[1] https://cleargrass.com/air_monitor/overview (Website in Chinese only, unfortunately. The device can be set to english though.)

I've got one of those!

At risk of sounding like a commercial, you should get a Levoit HEPA purifier. It'll clear that right up.

I'm too paranoid to even connect the air monitor to the internet, so letting it talk to other appliances is out of the question for now. :) But it's good to know that HEPA filters are so effective against fine particles. I'll have to check that out. Thanks!

Oh, Levoit's purifiers do nothing like that; they're pure mechanical devices. A high-static-pressure fan, a stack of filters, and some plastic, with a minimal amount of electronics for dead reckoning status LEDs.

I just meant it'd clean your air. ;)

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