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>if you mistyped your password, it would print the mistyped password,

That's incredibly useful. Stand next to someone, casually chatting, while they enter their password. Just before they hit [ENTER], stab a key -- say, a 'z'. Boom, it prints their password with an extra 'z' at the end.

Sure, they'd be aware of it and likely change their password. But still. A more common use case would be to hang around and wait for them to inevitably typo the password. If you see that enough, you'll get a really good idea about what it's supposed to be, or at least give you enough of the password to make figuring out the missing part trivial.

I've never done anything malicious with the knowledge, but I've totally learned people's passwords just by watching their fingers type. I make an effort to have passwords that would be difficult for a human to nail down while watching them typed quickly in real time. The ubiquity of cameras has me reconsidering input and/or authentication mechanisms, though.

One good thing about using dvorak I guess

At one point I considered learning Dvorak and then having a password that was using the Dvorak key layout but on a Qwerty keyboard.

But I only made it maybe a month into my Dvorak-learning efforts. Just not enough benefit for the added hassle.

Especially with blank caps; securing keys through obscuring keys.

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