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Interestingly enough, this password does not show up on haveibeenpwnd!

Probably a dearth of chess passwords in their database. Try haveibeenpawnd.

Wow, you deserve the comment of the day.

For that comment, bitwize should be knighted.

Or queened!

Or at least promoted.

Thank you for not suggesting he get rooked.

Geez, you should pawn that comment off ;)


That cracked me up

I don't understand. Please help.

The poster was making a pun, replacing pwnd with pawnd, with pawn as the chess piece.

what’s even cooler, he removed the chess punctuation!

It has pawn in it.

I used to dabble in Chess when I was younger so I feel extra dumb now. Thanks!

haveibeenpawnd -> pawn, as in chess pawn.

Chess. Pawn.

should be there in a couple of hours though

That's what you get for a game where king white hat tries to capture king black hat by keeping him in check.

That's actually pretty surprising.


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