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>Since the DES-based crypt(3) algorithm used for these hashes is well known to be weak (and limited to at most 8 letters)


How is that 8 letters?

The part before : is the hash, the part after is the cracked 8 character password.

Honestly, that confused me too. I really thought the whole password was that long.

Same here, thought it strange they could brute-force such a long password! Even with MD5.

Lol I‘m familiar with chess notation but was so confused by this that I was googling to see what chess move uses a “Z” :(

Ditto. I was like, I get the pawn moving from Queen 2 to Queen 4, but what’s that stuff before the colon?

Thank you for explaining this.

still 13 characters...

edit: LOL, I guess I'm a little dumb today

"p/q2-q4!" is the password, "ZghOT0eRm4U9s" is the password's hash. "p/q2-q4!" is 8 characters.

Very easy to type as well

The password is p/q2-q4! which is 8 characters.


That is the password. 8 characters.


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