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If you're interested in lidar data for the United States, the USGS has a great tool online:


I've used it to map old quarries and other sites in my area.

New Hampshire has an ongoing project to map stone walls using lidar: http://www.granit.unh.edu/resourcelibrary/specialtopics/ston...

Here's a map I made for the UK, well, England and Wales...


How is that being used in the functioning of your website?

Or was it just a fun thing you were playing around with on a hidden page?

The latter really. It's a side project within a side project.

Hanoz - can you give some info on the coverage of the lidar data?

From viewing your map, it seems ~ 70% of England is covered at 1m resolution. Is the other 30% covered by different resolutions or are there some areas not covered at all? Any idea what the Environment Agency's thinking is? (e.g. some areas hit by 2015 Boxing Day floods are not covered at 1m).

(I'm maybe interested in using their data, depending on what the coverage is). Thanks.

Here's a link to Washington state's Lidar project. They have much higher resolution data published, but only for a portion of the state.


There's also a tool at https://coast.noaa.gov/inventory/

Not sure how it differs/overlaps with the National Map viewer.

Is the data available in a machine-readable format?

You can get USGS lidar point clouds: https://www.usgs.gov/news/usgs-3dep-lidar-point-cloud-now-av...

A commenter above you posted a link to a NOAA data site. I believe that site is a resource for GIS shapefiles: https://coast.noaa.gov/inventory/

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