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It's crazy, that's almost £1.5M of debt per restaurant. I expect the independent pizza place next door has less than 10% of that on average

You can buy an existing successful McDonald's for about that cost, and McDonald's will help you succeed in paying off the loan. Of course you will need to take out additional loans once in a while to replace old equipment, or support some new product line, but overall the business plan is you work hard for 35 years, make a good income, then sell the business to someone else and retire in comfort should work out. I think any other restaurant should have similar economics. As such the cost doesn't scare me directly assuming their management is good enough to run the business.

What does scare me though as only the most successful locations are worth that much debt per restaurant. They better not have any locations that are not in the highest performing locations. Of course their returns can be difference from McDonald's. I don't have any insight into their business to know if it is reasonable for the or not, but it passes the smell test of could be reasonable.

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