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> probably a racist cyclist even emits PM2.5 though nothing like a diesel truck. So this isn't a problem we can entirely solve

Oh man i hate those racist cyclists :P

Hmm, maybe an auto-correct error or maybe while editing I thought I'd written "racing cycling" and corrected to "racing cyclist" but actually I'd written "racing cyclist" and the change gave us this error.

So yes, whether racist or not, and indeed even if using some less conventional wheeled transport like a skateboard or shopping trolley - all fast wheeled travel creates PM2.5 pollution and we just have to suck it up. I presume maglev doesn't do this, but maglev isn't exactly at the top of the list of cheap inner city transit options.

I've done this many times, where it's not actually autocorrect directly in error... it's me choosing the incorrect suggestion from autocorrect because the correct suggestion is absent _and_ i've not looked carefully enough. Probably so common because we tend to identify words by shape, so if the shape matches we pick it.

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