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>Six Japanese Black cows were assigned to treatments using a 3 × 3 Latin-square design. The treatments were black-and-white painted stripes, black painted stripes, and no stripes (all-black body surface).

So apparently flies don't like white paint.

Seems like they’re missing a critical all white painted cow group

Also is being painted healthy for the cows ?

Most probably not; Cows would eventually lick and ingest the painting. There are several types of white pigments, some are poisonous and permanent using several metallic salts, other non durable, calcium and chalk based, and would be washed with the first rain.

The idea of a blanket is better, but the problem is that the blanket would act as a tick sanctuary then.

Sometimes, it seems that everybody is trying to solve the wrong problems, in any case.

the article says is water-based paint, so it isn't toxic

The comment above is indicating issues with the pigment, rather than the solvent used to disperse it. You can have very toxic water-based paint, see watercolors with cadmium etc. That being said, it's completely plausible to mix eg chalk with something non-toxic that also doesn't wash off so quickly.

Peroxide cow printer?

Thank you. I missed that part. But yes, odd about the missing white paint :)

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