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On the plus side:

In the Netherlands, more electric cars were registered this year than diesel cars.


This is actually a side effect of the Dutch government reducing business ownership subsidies (bijtelling reduction) next year, but it's still a positive effect, and very welcome in car congested Netherlands where many people live quite close to major roads.

We hit >50% electrics for new car sales here in Norway earlier this year. It's exploded over the last couple of years, only 5 years ago only a few % were electrics..

Not surprising considering how heavily taxed non-EVs are in Norway.

You say that like it's a bad thing.

No, it was an unemotional reply.

As mentioned in the article car tires also pollute the air so replacing diesel with electric may not be sufficient though a very good step.

Like most complex systems, the solutions need to be applied in as many places as possible. Reducing car journeys, combined with cleaner vehicles, is all going in the right direction.

And, coincidentally, the other day someone remarked that (in the Netherlands) the price difference between diesel and benzine has never been smaller, causing an ever decreasing cost benefit to fueling a car with diesel

I guess you mean the price at the pump?

Can't say I've noticed because I try to drive our diesel as little as possible. The difference in road tax between diesel and benzine is pretty large though. I can't wait to get rid of our diesel car.

Yeah, the difference between the two fuel types that pumps advertise is tiny. Only three years ago we hit a low of .95 eur diesel / 1.50 eur gas; just this afternoon it was 1.31 versus 1.61!

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