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Classrooms in China are equipped with AI cameras and brain-wave trackers (twitter.com)
33 points by amai 9 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

The funny thing is that you can be totally focused on something else - just not on what the teacher is teaching.

Of-course that loophole would end with mind-imaging. The government has the _right_ to your thoughts to see if you are deviating from lawful conformity. Negative/non-conforming thoughts will adversely affect your social credit score. Superior citizens receive superior benefits!

Those who fail the conformity test can be admitted to a separate labour class that best matches their talents. Mundane work is important for a modern society and some opportunity should be given to the talentless.

The next logical step after that would be full-fledged eugenics. After all, if any patterns on large data-sets can be established linking CCP approved intelligence, focus, behaviour and conformity to genes, then birth-preference should be given to such superior citizens who will contribute most greatly to the future of the state.

This is not merely the road to hell, its the high-speed 1000 km/hour bullet train to hell.

Sounds like trying to change what metrics are used to separate people. In the past it was based on blood lines, now it's bank accounts. Social credit could help those that aren't anti-social to increase their upward mobility.

> The next logical step after that would be full-fledged eugenics.

For the truly dissident, their organs can benefit the state.

Unfortunately the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) forgets to mention something important: This technology wasn't developed in China. It was invented in the USA, Harvard Innovation Lab:


The chinese kids are just guinea pigs.

I think it is extremly problematic, that WSJ tries to create the impression, that it is China that develops this dystopian mind reading tech.

Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and venture capitalists: “Damn they beat us to it!”

The tech was actually developed in the USA, Harvard Innovation Lab:


Oh god, this is going straight from 1984 to Psycho-Pass

Now I am really worried for Chinese kids. pls don't build generation of machines. This will not help at all to Great China. This looks like Gattaca - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gattaca

I have always wondered why they put so much trust in that biometric scanner. Job interview? No need to ask the candidate about his qualifications just an "ok" from the scanner and you are good to go, who needs critical thinking anyway. No one asks, "does this scanner even work?". What if the brain-wave tracker is just snake oil?

For what it's worth, Snopes did an article about these brain-wave trackers: https://www.snopes.com/news/2018/05/03/activists-skeptical-c...

tl;dr is that they kinda work, but not nearly as effective as advertised.

It also raises the point that even if it didn't work, all you need to suppress people is for them to believe that it's working.

Any US company that sells technology to China supporting these sorts of big brother population control should be held criminally liable for its end use.

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