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NCAP footage seems to show the opposite.


The systems work as described and don't claim to work in every scenario.


I’ve seen that NCAP video and was really impressed by it at the time. It doesn’t jive with the results in TFA at all - where it sounds like the Tesla (and most of the other cars they tested) hit the dummy every time, and often never even slowed down.

I wonder how to explain the disparity. Could the video you linked have been taken with AutoPilot enabled maybe?

From reading the description it seems like AAA used tests where there was a bend in the road and / or the pedestrian was moving across so they weren't actually in the path of the vehicle until a couple seconds before impact. These systems are going to be conservative in classifying potential obstacles as in need of emergency braking, as they should be - you don't for example want your car slamming the brakes because it sees a pedestrian on the sidewalk next to the lane you're driving on.

That said, it should be noted that the Honda Accord actually did quite well in these tests.

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