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I recommend that Western people who get their facts about China from various mainstream media supplement that with subscribing to YouTube channels of Westerners who actually live there.

This guy is a regular every day Canadian with a Chinese wife who's lived there on and off for 13 or so years, and he has a very unbiased opinion.

This episode is about Chinese Patriotism, very thought provoking.


I'm also a fan of SerpentZA, LaoWhy86, and their shared channel ADVChina. Same thing as your link, guys that have been living there for over 10 years, married to chinese women, read and speak the language, and can provide a lot of insight into not only every day life, but also the views of chinese people within mainland china.

I agree, however they have had quite a distinct change in tone recently since leaving China. Not that what they say is untrue, but it feels at least somewhat to have an "unfair" anti-China bias at this point, at least to me.

The reality is though, no singular opinion is "correct", best to consume a wide variety of opinions with an open mind, and resist forming any strong conclusions about particulars. Usually, the correct answer is "well, it depends".

It seems reasonable to filter your views and appear more pro-China while living in China.

Agreed. The question is, what is True? Who shall we believe? There are MANY varied and inconsistent characterizations in play. I choose to believe none of them with any confidence, but I suspect I'm fairly rare in this respect.

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