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James Mickens’ Tenure Announcement (seas.harvard.edu)
131 points by jbredeche on Oct 8, 2019 | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments

Anyone not familiar with James Mickens should read "The Night Watch" immediately.


This is such a great article

I've always been a fan of his talks. His keynote at USENIX Security 2018 is by far the best summation of the dangers of ML that I've ever seen. It's hilarious too.


Always love a Mickens tome. May his reign be long and his wrath upon his enemies wicked. Also congratulations on tenure, now more writing like the login papers please.

I want James Mickens to be my PhD advisor, I don't really care what the subject is.

I'd give up my job and bring him his coffee every day if I could spend that much time with him

I will absolutely take this opportunity as others have to praise James Mickens. I'd encourage anyone to simply go type his name into YouTube and watch some talks if you haven't.

Wow, that's true genius

I applaud Harvard's decision. However, I think HN might add (April 2019) to the title here.

That is a great note, I really enjoy his humor.

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