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The book referenced in the review is "After Geoengineering" [1] by Holly Jean Buck

Interesting premise. Full disclosure I just noticed I'm quoted in the book!

Overview: "Climate engineering is a dystopian project. But as the human species hurtles ever faster towards its own extinction, geoengineering as a temporary fix, to buy time for carbon removal, is a seductive idea. We are right to fear that geoengineering will be used to maintain the status quo, but is there another possible future after geoengineering? Can these technologies and practices be used as technologies of repair, to bring carbon levels back down to pre-industrial levels? Are there possibilities for massive intentional intervention in the climate that are democratic, decentralized, or participatory? Is there a scenario where the people can define and enact geoengineering on our own terms?"

[1] https://www.amazon.com/After-Geoengineering-Climate-Tragedy-...

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