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Show HN: SweeperCraft – design your own Minesweeper board (treenotation.org)
2 points by breck 13 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

This is a sample app for a new type of web framework we are working on: https://github.com/treenotation/jtree/tree/master/treeCompon...

The long term vision is 1 syntax for web components, html, css, javascript, etc. All state should be viewable/dumpable via a simple toString() method.

Feedback on either is welcome!

Thanks for the trip down memory lane playing Minesweeper again. I found a bug - the timer keeps on ticking after I have completed the game and it says there are -1 bombs.

Oh no! I'm unable to reproduce. Could you share the game url you played?


Hmm, I still can't reproduce (screenshot added here: https://github.com/treenotation/jtree/issues/88)

Do you mind sharing your OS/Browser/Device? Any errors in dev tools console? Possible to send a screenshot?

This brings back 30 year old memories. :)

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