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OSX is horribly bloated already. I want to add in things without the bloat.

Never heard of AROS...

ReactOS is bloated by definition of replicating windows, isn't it? It probably uses less than main windows, but it is just my opinion that the 1990-1997 period preceded some of the real bloat added due to the massive Moore's law gains after that with the GHz races.

OS/2 ... seems obscure to me but I never used it. But NeXT and Beos had revolutionary capabilities, I think OS/2 was basically just preemptive multitasking for Windows. Is that right?

BeOS, which I've never used, is probably also a good starting spot. HaikuOS probably has more oomph behind it community wise.

>ReactOS is bloated by definition of replicating windows

It is very wrong assumption!

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