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Android and iOS autocomplete both need to get smarter about this as well. I don't always want to switch keyboards to use a different language/script!

On my android phone I've got two languages set up and it seems to be pretty good about autocorrect in the right language.

I'm rather curious what the difference is between us that it doesn't work automatically for you. Even google assistant understands me when I speak either language.

It's quite a common scenario for Indic-language users. I'm mainly typing in English and, depending on context and the audience, sometimes in two other Indic languages using the Latin alphabet.

There are a lot of reasons for this, and I don't think I'm alone here:

* Like many Indic language users I speak and understand multiple languages and I'd like to contextually reflect this in my IMs

* Relative lack of fluency/comfort reading Indic script (almost each Indic language has a different abiguda)

* A pronounced lack of experience typing using the multiple abigudas, all of which are more complex to type than the Latin alphabet

I'd really like to be able to type Indic words using Latin script without fighting with autocorrect -- or turning it off altogether.

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