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> The whole ecosystem needs to be preserved.

I disagree. If humanity collapses, and a new fledgling civilisation grows out of the ashes, then maybe we should let them follow their own path, and make their own discoveries and mistakes.

It's massive hubris to assume that future generations can only survive if they have access to our knowledge.

Many civilisations have fallen only to be replaced by newer betters ones, even when they've had no previous records to refer to.

We're just a stepping stone along the path of human evolution, we are no greater or lesser than the stones before us, or the stones that come after us.

This is one of my concerns. If there is a large-scale collapse, that is a very concrete statement of "what you tried did not work." Preserving as much of that past as possible would be a mistake. Any large collapse should be an opportunity for rebirth. We already drag along old mistakes in the technology industry after many repeated attempts at a fresh start always failing to a competitor offering to hack in backwards-compatibility making the initial deployment easier.

A collapse would be the perfect and likely sole opportunity to ditch the mistakes of the past and forge something completely new with the benefit of a "foresight" forged from hindsight.

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