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A fake town on Reddit where everybody knows your name (theoutline.com)
131 points by imartin2k 60 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 21 comments

It seems like a really fun idea. Sadly the sub consists of a lot of 4 upvote posts and then one "funny" one with 2k upvotes about a guy trimming a penis in someones hedge. A lot of the posts are single sentences or maybe at best one paragraph. I had the hope it could be a writing challenge, fleshing out some stuff for the sub in a few paragraphs or articles, but that doesn't seem to be the goal here.

It went trending a few times (so it appeared at the top of every users' screen). Going trending is often a death knoll for a subreddit but especially one like this, where the whole premise is a delicately constructed inside joke. Reddit is particularly sensitive to this due to its upvote system.

Back in my chan days we were very sensitive about maintaining the exclusivity of our boards. This is the purpose of rule 1 (do not talk about /b/) and refrains like 'lurk moar'. Posters that did not understand the boardculture were shouted out, and memes and lingo were made deliberately abrasive to deter newbies and tourists. Of course, this only lasted so long.

You're looking at the "hot" page there (basically like the Hacker News front page). Here's the Top All Time for instance: https://www.reddit.com/r/HaveWeMet/top/?sort=top&t=all

It certainly seems like much more attempted comedy than serious roleplay though.

Apperantly reddit intersperses posts with advertisements. I was so confused when suddenly there was a post saying "Goland IDE helps thousands of developers..."

OT: The hot page does look funny. I'm not sure if I ever could enjoy something like this though - I seem to lack imagination. Perhaps it's the same reason I can't get into Roleplaying games (D&D, or online variations).

Seeing as most of the Top All Time are fairly old (a year to 6 months) it seems the page has taken a hit regarding active members posting meaningful content. Pretty sad, I would've loved to contribute some stuff. But I also wrote on a roleplay forum in amounts that accounted to about 1000 Word pages so I might have a different goal here.

The "Life of Norman" subreddit is another interesting one[1]. It's just stores about Norman, a very normal and very boring middle-aged man with a cat, also called Norman. Unfortunately the top posts are all from three years ago, but the best posts are strangely interesting, and often a little sad. I think it must be because the one thing people don't usually write about is completely normal uneventful life.

[1] https://www.reddit.com/r/lifeofnorman/top

Yeah that's a common theme on reddit sadly the website has kind of gone to shit in general.

I think gaming roleplay is an underappreciated art form. This seems like a text version of it

Friends and I went to Magfest one year. We were at the tables and had some Magic the Gathering decks. For some reason my friend began playing against me with a entirely made up set of rules and terminology. So I went with it and made more stuff up. All entirely devoid of anything resembling Magic.

Internally it was a ton of fun with the improv. We had incredibly good chemistry in it all. But externally it was a riot. Our game expanded to cover a huge table space. Others were starting to gather. Our play became a performance for everyone else, especially those who weren't in on the joke.

Definitely one of the funnest moments I've had.

It reaches its radio zenith in BBC Radio 4's Mornington Crescent


The rules are here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mornington_Crescent_(game)

I put on my wizard robe and hat...

exactly the shenanigans the Internet was supposed to support :) The cheezburgers are excellent at Little Diary Meathouse at the corner of Westinton, by the way :)

I went there with Arthur the other week and he thought the baps were a bit stale. Was that odd guy with the dog still there?

I’ve been a part of this subreddit for a while. Really novel at first, but got old quickly.

When posts were done well, there was a sort of absurdism that was lovely. As it’s gotten more popular, the absurdism has been replaced with random nonsense (like another commenter wrote, “who keeps trimming penises into my hedges?”). Comments on posts like this devolve into “one-upping” each other on the randomness, which really takes you out of the absurdist world.

so it's a MUD on Reddit?

More like a MOO. MUDs tend to have built-in questing, character classes and progression etc., Whereas MOOs are text based 'life' simulations, where the users can assume any identity they like and interact with each other in free text (or via macros) based on the loose themes of the MOO.

That just means MUD, Object Oriented.

I think MUSH is closer to what you're suggesting.

Duh, yes. I meant MUSH not MOO. Thank you. :)

I don't get it

A huge part of Reddit culture is inside jokes. They're almost like forced memes that you can always find someone over there to react to where as other people would just ignore or make fun of you for. That whole sub is basically an inside joke.

Scrolling this site is painful in Safari.

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