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Blackberry Maps (Blackberry OS 10's navigation / maps app) did exactly this. It pronounced street names and points of interest in the local language of wherever you where navigating. Perfectly. It was released in 2013, but I used the 2015ish version.

It was absolutely mind blowing to me that Google Maps and others don't do this when I switched to Android. Even more mind blowing that they still chose to not implement this to this day.

In non-English speaking countries like Europe, this means you have to literally change the language settings every time you cross a border. Borders are all over the place in Europe. It feels like 1998 tech to have to do this.

And for those claiming that the "Englishified version" of a street name in a foreign language is easier to understand: no. It isn't for anybody who speaks more than 1 language (AKA: most people outside of English speaking and large and/or totalitarian countries).

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