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A bit of a tangent but in the novel "The Windup Girl" they live in a post oil world which essentially ended up more of a total societal restructuring that pretty much resembled what we'd consider a collapse. Nations fell and in some places companies took over. Cities collapsed as the population shrank and technology shifted to focus more on bio engineering to make up for the loss of all the mechanical/electrical technology that ran our world since powering it all got a lot more expensive after the oil was gone.

In one part a high security government installation was described with "ancient" PC's. They couldn't make new ones so they kept whatever they could running and the narrators mind was blown thinking about how much energy they wasted.

I think one of the top priorities for a project like this should be making it easy to implement considering practically everything you would use now days to get help getting it working won't exist. No websites or forums or anything like that.

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