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How would we get at the information if we don't have the technology to launch a rocket/spaceship to retrieve it?

Apparently they would fall, and as long as we still have the required technology and resource, we would send updated versions regularly.

The satellites orbit would naturally decay to the point of reentry. I'm not sure of the engineering, but it might be possible to do a controlled descent to a specific place for survivors to rendezvous with.

I could see that causing a huge poo-storm. If our supply chains collapse and all this knowledge is lost... but, we know when and where the knowledge will be returned to the Earth.... then that location is going to be ground zero for a lot of turmoil. Everyone will know that whoever gets that returned knowledge will have dominion.

If it’s just data on them, why not VERY MANY of them, so that they remain in living legend. With slightly different orbits so they deorbit all over the globe, a number of a year for decades or centuries.

Controlled descent is not necessary if they are built to last.

Thrusters with some sort of controlled decent if it doesn't receive a signal in some period of time?

Ham Radio.

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