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Muon – A Light(er)weight GPU Based Electron Alternative Using Ultralight and Go (github.com)
10 points by 2StepsOutOfLine 63 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

42MB is still a lot.

We went from an Electron app on macOS to a Swift app with WKWebView and it weights 4.2MB. Not a hello world, the complete production app on the Mac App Store.

Although I imagine the performance would be better with Ultralight since it's an optimized version of WebKit.

So I asked in the Ultralight Slack and they told me the JS performance is the same with WKWebView. The rendering perf is about the same but they expect it to be better in the future.

Shame about the licensing of ultralight, it makes it a tough sell (unknown pricing) for commercial use.

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