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It's a very benign/harmless post, but kind of weird that is posted on an official Microsoft blog (even though it is a personal blog, it's also an official blog from Microsoft by a Microsoft Employee).

Big companies are so paranoid about everything that I guarantee someone in their legal team is frowning upon this.

Raymond has always made it very clear that this is his personal blog and that it's not official by any measure.

And that’s probably frowned upon by some people because the blog has all the Microsoft branding and such.

I doubt Raymond cares, it's not like they are going to fire him.

Tons of people in Microsoft use non-Microsoft hardware and software. It's not weird at all that one of their employees has experience with Alexa.

I didn’t say that’s weird. What is weird, is to give an opinion or thought on another’s company product (a competitor in several arenas) in a blog that lives under the Microsoft domain and has all the Microsoft marketing and branding.

Again, this post is harmless but since the legal departments job is basically to freak out about everything that puts the company at risk (even a tiny bit), then I’m assuming that mentioning other companies’ products is at the very least frowned upon.

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