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No, it's 9000. That's not nothing. You may be able to scavenge old ones for a long time, but building new ones will be non-trivial.

Non-trivial is still better than outright impossible.

Well, the first transistor was in 1947. The Z80 was first manufactured in 1976. That's 29 years of improvements in manufacturing technology before the Z80 was manufacturable. So if we have to start over, the Z80 is sure better than the Pentium (or at least, we can make it first), but it's still outright impossible for quite a while.

It's possible to build CPUs with many times the Z80's transistor count by hand┬╣, albeit with great effort and taking up a heck of a lot of space (and probably nowhere near the speeds of a single-chip Z80).

┬╣ http://megaprocessor.com/index.html

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