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Show HN: I built a way to consult for businesses and earn in your free time (getwisdomapp.com)
12 points by parthi 14 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments

Hi there, I'm the founder of Wisdom, a better way to consult in your spare time. I often find myself browsing Instagram or Twitter in my free time or answering surveys like Google Opinion Rewards - kind of a waste of time. It struck me that there wasn't really an easy way for knowledge workers like engineers, PMs, etc to monetize their downtime with all the valuable knowledge they have. I built Wisdom to let people with highly sought after knowledge help investors and businesses in their own time. Let me know if you have any feedback or suggestions.

I'm initially focused on allowing investors like PE firms and VCs ask questions, but am still learning more about who might be interested in asking questions. If you have any suggestions for directions to explore, I'm all ears!

I can't even get past the sign up. When I enter an email address and a candidate password, it just says "Enter a valid email and password" (no password rules are stated). It also doesn't trim trailing spaces, and when my device's popup keyboard comes up, the page scrolls upward out of view. (Manually trimming trailing spaces had no effect)

Thanks for pointing these out. Will fix. Firebase must have minimum password requirements

This is a pretty cool idea! Wonder how much $$ can be made and whether it can be a sustainable side income. Feels like a much better opportunity than commoditized "gig economy" jobs. Best of luck(:

I like the idea. I've signed up, verified my email, and provided all of my details, but am still stuck on "Complete your profile to be approved"

Thanks for signing up! A member of our team will review your profile and approve it if it's complete shortly

This is neat, when will you be opening it up to other geographies?

I really think an alternative to GLG is needed.

Great idea! I've seen apps like this for consumer survey questions, but first one aimed at knowledge workers.

nice chicken/egg problem!

- "Ask Questions" should be Green - "Answer Questions" should not be Red, but rather a complementary color like Orange, Blue, Purple, or Pink ;-)

best of luck. What is your #1 method for getting Companies/Demand aware of this?

Thanks for the feedback!

It's indeed a chicken and egg problem. Been direct selling to Associates at PE firms/VCs/consulting firms. If you can deliver value there, lots of repeat usage for each new deal/project they have. The biggest challenge here is that incumbents like GLG provide white glove service and do a pretty decent job already, even if not tech enabled. The hardest part of this business is identifying the right people for a customer to talk to and onboarding them as an expert.

Startups and enterprise using this tool for customer discovery or user research is an interesting market but there seems to be less willingness to pay for information and it's one off, not recurring.

Nice but apparently it is not compatible with any of my 3 Android devices? What are the requirements?

Not available in Canada. Oh well.

Sorry. Just in the US now to make payments easier

Is this a React Native app?


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