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I'd like to see a log being kept in orbit. Like every 10 years it's rotated (FIFO, oldest comes down, new one is launched) with a large delta so that it might survive our current civilization in case of global / climate craziness.

Most likely the source of the end of the world is going to be the Sun throwing a X class solar flare at us and just frying everything in its path.

What you need is a super-deep immortal vault that isn't anywhere near any known fault lines, and who's ingress point is sufficiently above ground, and can be accessed safely if under water, and supplies its own electricity for thousands of years.

Everything outside of the facility will have to be electrically neural up to extreme voltages (due to the possibility of plasma storms arising that make the worst thunderstorms on Earth look like a nice day outside).

Little do we know, there are five of them in existence already, by several ancient civilizations :)

I kid, but the more secure a vault is the more irretrievable it is, which only makes it useful to aliens, not us.

I remember reading a worldbuilding stack exchange question about what would be left of mankind in millions of years, were we to disappear today.

The unanimous response was "not much". Mostly anomalously concentrated resources. So... if they are right, even though we have no reason to believe there was a developed civilization before us, it's not that crazy to merely entertain the possibility.

What about burying something on the moon, with monoliths and radio sources marking its location?

Maybe we already did that in a previous civilization, but lost the ability to recognize the beacons.

The Sentinel anyone?

Isn't the moon protected even less from solar flares? How deep would you need yo build something on the moon for it to be protected, compared to on earth?

Gravity is a pretty reliable signal; doesn't decay much on million-years scale, and doesn't get obscure much either.

Not to imply those were from unnatural processes, more to indicate that basic spacefaring technology implies ability to detect such: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass_concentration_(astronomy)

How would we get at the information if we don't have the technology to launch a rocket/spaceship to retrieve it?

Apparently they would fall, and as long as we still have the required technology and resource, we would send updated versions regularly.

The satellites orbit would naturally decay to the point of reentry. I'm not sure of the engineering, but it might be possible to do a controlled descent to a specific place for survivors to rendezvous with.

I could see that causing a huge poo-storm. If our supply chains collapse and all this knowledge is lost... but, we know when and where the knowledge will be returned to the Earth.... then that location is going to be ground zero for a lot of turmoil. Everyone will know that whoever gets that returned knowledge will have dominion.

If it’s just data on them, why not VERY MANY of them, so that they remain in living legend. With slightly different orbits so they deorbit all over the globe, a number of a year for decades or centuries.

Controlled descent is not necessary if they are built to last.

Thrusters with some sort of controlled decent if it doesn't receive a signal in some period of time?

Ham Radio.

like graveyard orbit

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