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A neat idea!

I think we could also get started now. Not necessarily de-escalating tech, but realizing that the fundamental supply of newer, more powerful chips might not last even with a shift to more plentiful supplies of rare-earth metals due to our need to get off of fossil fuels, fast. I think it might be useful in the more immediate term to be able to lock-in the minimum set of features that make the web and Internet useful then distribute that as widely as possible on low-power, commodity platforms with resilient networks that could survive super-storms knocking out huge swaths of devices in one fell swoop.

Low-power p2p protocols, mesh networking, recycling devices, component-platforms that allow scavenging and make-shift repairs, etc.

Until we can solve the green energy problem it might be nice to know that even if your community gets hit with a storm or flood, it's still possible to restore and maintain network services rapidly in the aftermath. Simply being able to send a message to someone would be a big deal.

" Simply being able to send a message to someone would be a big deal. "

The simple way would be radio morse

I think there is a business model for different reasons.

As web client tech stabilizes and telecom regulatory rollback continues, there may be an opportunity for localized solutions to be landed for all sorts of different purposes.

I don’t see large opportunities in localized “web tech” (I’ll read as http based) business.

The whole reason the web works for business is that you can give something away to millions of people for ad revenue or sell something to very large groups for small amounts of money.

Localization reduces your customer base. The price a business has to charge would be higher. This is on top of the adoption problem.

That’s one aspect of the business, but you also have companies like Netsuite or Intuit selling general ledgers and similar solutions, and those lines of business don’t really benefit from the scale.

There might also be a business, although an altruistic one, in helping people set up low-fi data-centers and edge-network nodes on commodity, low-power hardware.

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