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IMHO you could be using the same chips for a surprisingly long time - you're likely to need some electronics maintained e.g. replacing capacitors, but if you really need to get some computing power for a 2100 post-apocalyptic scenario where there's just a few million people, then scavenging working chips from random gadgets has a lot of potential. E.g. a hard drive controller or a kids toy may be running on something that was good enough for a CPU twenty years ago.

Yeah, part of keeping old computers (and synthesizers, another interest of mine) running is re-capping. Modern caps last longer than the stuff from the 70s and early 80s, but still maybe needs consideration. I don't actually know much about the longevity of modern caps...worth some research.

Raspberry Pi is 4 gigahertz. Madness! You're in a postapocalyptic world and you find someone's drawer of raspberry pi sideprojects: a solar panel, a low power screen...

... you find a controller ... you find their emulation raspberry pi. ... all of a sudden, the world isn't as desolate.

... only to find it won't boot, as the OS was on some kind of SSD storage that died after ~2-3 years without being powered on. :(

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