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I had been thinking about similar projects myself. I figure that experience with the z80, 68000, and the 6502 would give someone a platform for hacking for at least the next century. There are some dozens of 68000-like chips in a single car. I/O is as simple as LEDs and toggle switches for the bare necessities, such as bootstrapping other I/O options. Worked for the Altair 8800. From there one could implement morse-like momentary switch input. In these (possibly far-fetched) scenarios, going back to things like ticker tape and printers would make a decent amount of sense. Perhaps spools of wire could be used as "tape" for programs and data, as wire recorders existed before plastic tapes were available. I love seeing how home fabrication is developing, with people making simple silicon in their garage, but there is value to a basic tool chain that doesn't require as much sophistication and supply chains. I truly hope we don't live to see such a world, as the suffering would be immense. That said, I have no idea how complex supply chains can be expected to persist without fossil fuels.

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