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This is why I laugh when Apple tried to paint themselves as champions of anything more than their share price

They are, loosely, the champions of their customers at least, unlike most of the tech world. They have to do a good enough job to get you to spend $1k on the next year's device. Google just has to not-suck enough that you won't stop using it for free.

But yes, any true moral posturing they make is baloney.

The mobile phones are not free. Don't belittle people who pay good amount of money to purchase them. Even though some can purchase iPhone.

I'm not belittling, I'm just laying out the economic forces. Google doesn't have to give a care when it comes to services, at least, because its customers are the ones buying ads, not the ones using the products.

You are still belittling. Customers buy mobile not ads. Just ask any android users. It's like you are saying iPhone users are buying status symbols not mobiles.

"Think different. Just not too different."

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