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At least in the case of one of those groups (Jehovah's Witnesses), it's based on a bit of text in the bible saying literally "abstain from blood". Transfusions are no good, including your own blood previously stored. Fractions and products are in a grey area though and left up to personal conscience.

> including your own blood previously stored

Wait, really?

Yeah. It's not a soul thing (since they don't believe it souls) or an ownership thing, it's that you're taking blood into your body. Fractions and such are considered a grey area since it's not technically "blood" aymore.

I am a JW. Personally, I wont accept anything that I know of having been derived from blood. That would include the artificial blood mentioned here as it is so-derived (AFAIKT it has red blood cells and platelets).

But, already existing blood volumizers are normally sufficient to save a person who suffered extreme blood loss; restoration of flow is more important than restoration of all the blood contents.

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