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Show HN: Fntags – JavaScript Instead of HTML (narcolepticsnowman.github.io)
4 points by narco_snow 11 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

I've created this web ui framework where you write templates in javascript instead of html or any other templating language. It's written in es6, so it can be used directly in the browser.

The library is under 3kb when minified and gzipped, and around 9kb when minified alone.

The api was largely inspired by functional components and state hooks in react.

The dom is built directly by the tag functions, the tag functions are effectively equivalent to html tags. There's no virtual dom or other representations, and the dom is updated directly on state changes.

fntags provides the ability to bind any element to any state you have a handle to.

If you're looking for something light weight for your next project, try it out!

Looks cool. Congrats. Really like the name. Enyo did something like it but this has state and is inspired by recent innovations like hooks as you mention. I was wondering what this would be good for but now I have a good idea. Get's down to the bare necessities and works directly on the DOM which I like. Don't over engineer instead work on explaining what this could be good for and the docs in general.

You nailed exactly what I was going for. Less fluff, just the nuts and bolts.

Thanks for the input and advice :)

I'm loving the documentation. It's way more fun to use than I expect and the colors aren't terrible cough React cough.

Docs look to be work in progress, but I like the simple API. No fluff, no fuss. Just update on state and stop with the JSX hackery. Yes, please. I'm game.

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