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Why Are Rich People So Mean? (wired.com)
5 points by known 3 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

I'm from a family that didn't grow up rich but a one member in particular did become rich from work. Another family member profited from a lawsuit. Both showed serious personality changes and became disconnected from the rest of the family and seemingly unaware of "normal people's" needs and concerns after that. I wonder if being rich doesn't kill a lot of the empathy we would usually have for others who spend their whole lives in financial insecurity. Once that's taken away as a worry, it's harder to relate in a genuine way to others who still think about it all the time just to make sure they can eat and pay bills.

That's kind of the gist of the article.

Maybe it's really that Silicon Valley people are mean/assholes. I'm solidly middle class with zero accumulated wealth, but I've spent a lot of time around rich people. In NYC, aside from a handful of alpha stockbroker types, the rich people I've hung out with have been among the nicest, least-pretentious, least-money-obsessed friends I've had. In the Cayman Islands, I have filthy rich friends who are living low-key lives, and you'd never even know they were rich unless you visited them at home. All the social classes mix there and everyone sits at the same bars and goes to the same social events.

Same opinion here. I've met many nice and many not so nice people over the years, both rich and not so rich. But in my view both are not really correlated.

To the rich every one else is(broadly) a guy/gal trying to wipe your windows, sell you a stale bun, or otherwise engage you as a walking money pot in some manner that will end up in enriching them. Imagine a row of 50 beggars at a stop light, each one waters and wipes and demands $$. Drivers might think about having a gun...

"Why are mean people so rich?"

I sorta doubt that any of those social psych studies replicated, though.

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