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> Several junior ministers have already walked out after it became clear that key jobs, including interior and defense, won't be changing hands. For its part, the new government has pledged to hold a full slate of elections within the next few months, saying that current ministers were still needed to maintain stability during the transition period.

You just had a revolution, guys.

Where was the mainstream media on that one? And thank you ArsTechnica!

Where was the social media?

Seriously: most mainstream outlets I follow have devoted a reasonable amount of space to Tunisia, albeit hampered by an obvious lack of experts on the situation there. Social media? very little. Pretty much the only stuff I've seen has come via the pirate parties or the far left.

Possibly it's just my friends and contacts being unusual -- but my hunch is that if you tried to quantify online attention to Tunisia, you'd find it lower than in the mainstream press.

Note that 3 of those are links to mainstream media outlets. Of the other 2, one is torrentfreak talking about the pirate angle (which is the right angle for them, and fascinating as a reflection of the growing international seriousness of the pirate movement -- but is perhaps not the most important part of the revolution).

I kind of expect the online world to put the professionals to shame in depth and insight of coverage. Often that does happen -- here, not so much.

The NYTimes had extensive coverage of the situation in Tunisia.

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