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Hygieia is a devops dashboard aggregator (hygieia.github.io)
34 points by mooreds 10 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

There is also BBVA's Mirrorgate that was inspired by Hygieia. It looks like Hygieia has been split out from Capital One and more connectors are being produced to make it usable by people who have other tools beyond just what they use.

If you're operating in a financial services world with audit requirements and other large scale organisation joys this could be well worth a look.


We gave it a try a few years back. But between the [odd-looking docker builds](https://hygieia.github.io/Hygieia/api.html#docker-image-for-...) and the amount of work it was taking to make it work, we chose to use Grafana instead to display the result of our custom data collectors.

I can't find any screenshots on the home page?

Agreed, very hard to find. It's a bit strange to hide it so deeply given the nature of the project but I found it eventually.[0]

They also have a decent looking youtube demo (couldn't listen so basing that solely on the visual aspect).[1]

[0] - https://hygieia.github.io/Hygieia/screenshots.html

[1] - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoNTA78j0tc

Thanks for digging for those. And they look good. Would be nice if they were front page matter, right after hero-text

CapitalOne is quite exuberant about their NIH (rebranded as InnerSource) but most of the stuff they churn out isn't useful as a real open source product.

I can see this source, it even appears to be Apache 2 licensed. What is the cutoff for "real" open source?

Not the smartest choice of name, to say the least.

revelant google searches give me an ancient Greek/Roman diety and an insulin pump. what's so offensive about those?

Nothing offensive, it will just be misspelt all the time.


"Please don't post shallow dismissals, especially of other people's work. A good critical comment teaches us something."


When you make such a broad negative comment about someone’s work, you are obligated to at least point out why you think it’s the worst thing.

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