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There's nothing in the GPL about compensation or saying thanks. This is part and parcel of licensing your software in a way that respects user freedom.

Also, I doubt Cloudflare forked WG, because 1) that could very well violate the terms of GPLv2 if they don't make the source available (at the very least, the client source code which utilises code lifted from WG would have to be open source), and 2) their offerings don't seem to be as good or as fast as WG, but YMMV.

"There's nothing in the GPL about compensation or saying thanks."

Thank you. I think you may be helping me wrap my head around the notion of "cultural appropriation".

One of my besties beats me over the head with all sorts of things that I'm supposed to be upset about.

One example, we were looking at an art display with a bunch of those origami cranes. I quite liked it. Which is apparently the wrong answer. Because the artist is not Japanese. So that's cultural appropriation.

Here I've been thinking learning from each other, gleaning the best ideas, and putting one's own spin on it is the whole point.

But as a former publisher of my own shareware and public domain stuff, who was widely plagiarized, I do kinda get that lack of attribution, even a nod of the head in the general direction of the original works, feels rude somehow.

To wrap up, I'm now going to reread the GPLs, CC, BSD licenses, thru a lens of cultural appropriation, see if any of it makes more sense to me.


I'm not accusing Cloud Flare of violating the GPL.

If you’re not saying that Cloudflare has done anything wrong or illegal, then I don’t get the point of what you’re saying. What are you trying to say?

The GP is saying Cloudflare did something ethicaly wrong, but not illegal.

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