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I agree. The arms race of building 'better' copy protections instead of continous improvement of your product won't do you any good. I think the main key is deciding on the investment. The amount of time put into those things can be expressed in money. So this poses two questions: 1. Would I be willing to pay the given amount to someone else to do it. If not and I still want to do it I should at least admit that this is for personal ambition and not for the product. It's OK everybody likes a challenge. 2. Will it improve my sales? Again the money. What stands to gain from this. How much effort is OK. Perhaps the simple checksum in addition to the common cmp jne check is enough to get a few sales. But that's about it for products with a market where uncracked time is not king. Look somewhere above for the gamasutra article about game releases and the value of time. And I think the time constraint doesn't work for many products.

The idea for one of my projects was to say "if you are able to crack it you can keep it". If someone spent the time and has the ability to do it, it's fine with me. Surely this is no viable solution for most products. But I'm curious how it will work out...

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